Carbon Lilies

[Lana] It is often funny how things come to pass. If you read our blog or happen to catch our presence on social media, odds are pretty good that you have heard us talk about theHaunted Walk. We had such a great time with them on their tours that we have tried to promote them every chance we get. So when they came to us in October 2015 about participating in a Haunted Talks podcast episode, we were thrilled to lend a hand. They were looking for someone to receive a reading from their guest for the Halloween episode, psychic medium Chris Medina. (You can listen to that episode here or here.)

[John] This was a daunting opportunity but ‘Yes’ was the only answer we knew and soon we were thinking about what we could possibly ask. Then we found out only one of us would actually be involved and that was handed to me. (If you haven’t noticed yet, while Lana is the super social person online where I’m quite awkward and therefore not often on Facebook or Twitter, I tend to be the one appointed for the main speaking roles in podcasts and interviews).

I had no idea what questions to ask Chris Medina – what did I really want to know? I decided that if I had to ask a question, I’d ask if my grandmother was around at all but otherwise I was really quite open to hearing whatever Chris had to tell me. Under normal circumstances this would have been an uncomfortable experience for me – I tend to feel like a hand is reaching inside of me whenever someone ‘reads’ me so it isn’t often something I go looking for – but this reading would be on a podcast for all to hear. Nauseated does not even begin to describe my sensation as the call began – thank you Jim Dean, for making it a friendly experience.

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