Psychic Medium Chris Medina

I do not know how or why I came to have “second sight.” I could put it into simpler terms such as "clairvoyant" or "psychic," but those words sometimes have a negative social context that can insinuate something less credible. I recall the earliest memories of my “second sight” when I was only about three or four years old. When friends and family came to our home, I had the ability to “see” things related to a certain person or persons in the room, and would get information that was very detailed and specific. When I told the adults, everyone was shocked, but it felt so obvious and natural to me. Being so young, I could not understand why everyone else did not know or see things in the same way that I did.

As I grew into my teens, this “second sight” matured and I began to realize that I was different from other people. It became apparent that I was seeing more than just the physical world. I had the ability to see, hear, smell and feel energies. As I moved forward, these abilities became stronger, more intense and sometimes were not always pleasant. It took many years of adventure, exploration and refinement to feel comfortable with my skills.

In my late twenties, as I grew more confident with my abilities and “who I was,” my readings became highly accurate. I experienced a turning point in my life, when I felt that I had to do something meaningful with these gifts. I felt compelled to assist, guide, and provide a sense of clarity to others. At that time, I began to offer more structured readings and had growing inner awareness that this was my true calling and life’s mission.

I am now available to provide readings to a public audience. I genuinely wish to assist those who really appreciate honest guidance for their own personal journey. Whether it is closure from a loved one or other emotional situation, an alert to a personal or family member’s illness, or just general direction when making any new choices or lifestyle changes.

It's important when seeking this kind of assistance to know that “second sight” is unique and highly individualized. Not everyone can possess such a skill or just make it "appear.” Also there are those who, unfortunately, do not use it with the purest intentions. Realizing the importance of close scrutiny is crucial when seeking this type of help. One must be able to decipher those who are true in their skill and those who are not.

I take my readings very seriously and am committed to honesty. I will not ask any questions or obtain any information prior to the reading. I insist on these guidelines so that I can connect directly with each person’s personal energy and intentions. This prevents any information from being diluted or watered down. My goal is to allow the energy to stream through with a purity and directness within the present moment, so we can then explore and decipher it together.

It is my purpose and life mission to use my second sight to help those in need and to give voice to those who wish to be heard.