The Open Mic Podcast with Brett Allan


Chris Medina is a Psychic and Medium. At first glance, its hard to know if something like this is real, fake or maybe something in between.

After this episode, and reading, I am convinced even more...that there are greater forces out there, bigger than us, and we as humans have to decide if this is true or not. Whether you believe it or not, that is up to you.

In this episode we discuss the following.

1. What is a psychic and medium?

2. How do we know what is true?

3. Can the gift be turned off or on?

4. Common sense verses intuition.

Plus much more!

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Screwed-Up Stories


Psychic-Medium Chris Medina is changing lives all over the world with his unique ability and, he is breaking down the stigma of psychics while he's at it.  He is known for his brutal honesty and no-nonsense approach.  Chris tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  He also hosts the podcast "In Your Head".  Today he joins us to talk about his experience as a female phone sex operator and how his lifelong psychic power helped him to excel at the job.

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Mentally Ch(ill)


#51 Intuition and Hearing Voices
Medium Chris Medina joins Kristen this week to discuss the difference between hearing voices and being clairvoyant as well as what it was like growing up being so different from other kids. They also discuss the type of depression Chris believes Kristen suffers from and how shedding your old skin is the only way to grow. Also, later in the show they chat about Theresa Caputo's hair and Kanye's tweets. Deep stuff. Follow the show on Instagram @mentallychillpod and onTwitter: @chillmentally

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Marisa Explains It All with Mike Zombie

marisa explains all.png

This was such an amazing episode! My girl Nicky Geezy has been good friends with a really dope psychic medium named Chris Medina, and he was kind enough to not only come through but read a few of us as well. And boy, did he READ me for filth! We were also joined by Nicky and her girl Bruna, making for some great convos. Don’t miss this one!

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Moon Me Podcast with Dana Moon

moon me.jpg

Dana pops her psychic cherry! You don’t want to miss this amazing metaphysical episode with Psychic Chris Medina. He is hilarious and insightful AND HONEST one of the most accurate psychics working today.

They discuss everything from Dana’s accurate reading last August to how everyone is intuitive and slightly psychic, why Chris hates the word empath, fake psychics and fake LA spiritual people WE HATE THEM!

Dana’s recent drug trip when she took frog poison in Malibu (Kambo), envisioning and creating your best self through self hypnosis, dream interpretations, how to release the fear of dying, ghosts, William Cooper, ARE ALIENS REAL? 9/11 conspiracy theories, incest, LETTING GO AND SURROUNDING TO LIFE, how Dana thinks her dads death was correlated with 9/11 AND SO MUCH MORE OMG THIS EPISODE IS A MUST LISTEN!!!

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What's Your Jersey? by Jaclyn Marfuggi


PSYCHIC MEDIUM Chris Medina who’s motto is “I HOPE THAT PEOPLE WILL FEEL EMPOWERED BY MY INSIGHT. MY GOAL IS TO HELP EACH PERSON DISCOVER THEIR TRUE SELF" joins Jaclyn this week! Chris Medina does a reading for Jaclyn and is spot on with all of his Spiritual Guidance, advice, and life observations! It’s the 1st time Jaclyn has had a reading, and Chris could not be more funny, down to earth, and accurate! He talks knowing about his psychic abilities early on, listening to your intuition/spiritual guides, and signs from loved ones who’ve past. This week in “Just Enough” we learn what a Horse Collar Tackle is and their predictions for the Super Bowl (mostly the half time show performances). Jaclyn and Chris bond over their love for Biggie Smalls & Jay Z (he breaks down Lil Kim’s influence over Cardi B and Lil KIM), The amazingness that is Sharon Stone in CASINO, and how much they LOVE cooking Meatballs. 

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Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About w/ Ali Levine & Amanda Lauren


Ali and Amanda have way too much fun with Chris Medina. They discuss what it’s like to be a psychic and a medium, why ghosts are annoying when you are just trying to sleep, using your psychic abilities at the supermarket, how Chris became who he is today, the fallout of bad wedding speeches, Amanda’s issues trusting her intuition, our childhoods, astrology, what Ali’s baby is going to be like and so much more!

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Wine and Shine Podcast


You may have heard us mention talking to a psychic medium in the past, and today we brought him on the show! Chris Medina isn’t your average psychic. He isn’t telling you about the standard life, love, and happiness – he’s receiving information (in an incredible way) and then sharing it with you so you can take action; he helps you knock through the fear so you can do exactly what you want to do.

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Mother, May I Sleep with Podcast by Molly McAleer


S2E10 – The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story

Molls is joined by psychic and medium Chris Medina to discuss the Lifetime film starring Dean Cain as Scott Peterson, the husband of Laci.

Join them as they talk about the Laci Peterson case, what happened between Laci and Scott just before she died, and where this landed on our rating scale. Chris also gives Steven and Molly some insight into the future, so make sure you stick around!

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Sexual Disorientation by Dr. Ramani Durvasula

In an all new episode of SEXUAL DISORIENTATION, Dr. Ramani is joined by psychic Chris Medina who teaches her "Gay 101". In a candid and humorous way he explains, from his perspective, tops and bottoms, sex with straight men, sex with women, ass play, and why he will never go down on a woman---again!

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Be Here for A While with Rachael O'Brien

Psychic Chris Medina joins Rachael on this episode of Be Here For A While after giving her her first reading ever! Rachael gets to know Chris' past and how he's known he had a gift since a very young age. They dig into how Chris reads clients and they talk about how important it is to trust one's intuition. Chris assists those who really appreciate honest guidance for their own personal journey. Whether it is closure from a loved one or other emotional situation, an alert to a personal or family member’s illness, or just general direction when making any new choices or lifestyle changes

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Bubbles n Bitches

Episode #23 - A Psychic Reading by Chris Medina

We were luck enough to interview AND get a reading from the famous psychic medium Chris Medina!! What a gentle soul and real deal he was. Our readings were eerily spot on and his story on how this all came to be, is an interesting one... to say the least!

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Episode #35 - Fun With a Psychic - Chris Medina

We chat with our psychic bestie, Chris Medina, before he gives out free reading to our Bubbles n Bitches contest winners! We have a lot of fun with this one...we actually forgot we were recording! Listen as Chris gives his insight on celebrities and holds his own against our rapid fire questions on old school rap! 

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Episode #57 - A Chat with our Healers - Chris Medina, Michelle Prentiss and Brook Albrigo

We are so lucky to have such amazing healers in our life, and today we are sharing them with you. Psychic Chris Medina, Astrologer and Meaning Maker Michelle Prentiss, and Reiki Master Brook Albrigo join us on an epic episode. Listen as Michelle reads Chris' astrological chart live, and Chris provides a meaningful reading for Michelle. We touch on how the changing world is affecting our boys, and catch up.

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The Problem with Dating

And when the day finally came, I was both excited and fucking nervous.

What followed was an over 2-hour conversation with Chris, where he touched on some of my deeply rooted insecurities and problems when it comes to personal relationships. Because of our organic connection, it felt like two friends gabbing to each other, except one friend definitely didn’t hold back when it came to bringing up shit that the other friend needed to hear. Sigh. Regardless, I needed it and I’m grateful for it. Plus, I just made a new bestie, and that’s always fun!

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The Problem with Dating (After Dark)

EP 02: “Psychic Chat With Chris Medina”

Will your favorite celeb couples make it?! Psychic Chris Medina spills the tea on that & the future of my love life (oof!)

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