What's Your Jersey? by Jaclyn Marfuggi


PSYCHIC MEDIUM Chris Medina who’s motto is “I HOPE THAT PEOPLE WILL FEEL EMPOWERED BY MY INSIGHT. MY GOAL IS TO HELP EACH PERSON DISCOVER THEIR TRUE SELF" joins Jaclyn this week! Chris Medina does a reading for Jaclyn and is spot on with all of his Spiritual Guidance, advice, and life observations! It’s the 1st time Jaclyn has had a reading, and Chris could not be more funny, down to earth, and accurate! He talks knowing about his psychic abilities early on, listening to your intuition/spiritual guides, and signs from loved ones who’ve past. This week in “Just Enough” we learn what a Horse Collar Tackle is and their predictions for the Super Bowl (mostly the half time show performances). Jaclyn and Chris bond over their love for Biggie Smalls & Jay Z (he breaks down Lil Kim’s influence over Cardi B and Lil KIM), The amazingness that is Sharon Stone in CASINO, and how much they LOVE cooking Meatballs. 

Listen to this episode here! 

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