Adderall and Compliments with Annabelle DeSisto

"This episode is one of my favorites! We talk about seeing ghosts, how to recognize the signs of someone passed over trying to communicate with house, Ouiji board dangers, fake psychos & his interaction with a tall grey!" - Annabelle DeSisto

Check out Adderall and Compliments here. And listen to her amazing podcast with Chris here! 


Wow! Chris returns with another dose of "Adderall and Compliments" with the beautiful Annabelle Desisto!

Annabelle's guest is one of her best friends & the most amazing psychic/medium you will ever meet Chris Medina. .They answer Kitten questions about ghosts, aliens, how loved ones from the other side communicate, Justin Beiber's future, serial killers & a ton more. Chris Medina is the real deal & we can't recommend him enough, Annabelle swears on all her cats lives so you know it's true!

Listen to the hilariously funny episode here!