The Coaching Parlour with Danielle M. Holdman

Welcome to the Season 2 episode 31 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! I am joined by guest alchemist, Chris Medina a Psychic Medium and entrepreneur where we talk about:

  • The Difference between being an Intuitive, Psychic, and Medium.
  • Definition of Clair-audience, Clair-sentience, Clair-voyance, and Clair-cogzient.
  • How his Native American heritage influenced his innate abilities as a Psychic Medium.
  • How he works and relates to his Spirit Guides.
  • Why you should be CAREFUL and MINDFUL when calling on ANY type of spirits into your sacred space!
  • Myths, Misconceptions, and Truths about Psychics and Mediums.
  • How to strengthen your trust in listening to your inner psychic voice.

Listen to the episode here.