Boundaries (and Where I Will Not Venture)

Every Psychic should have limitations on what they will and will not share. Here are some of my boundaries:

    I will not discuss death. Just as doctors have an ethical code, so do I. And part of that is I won’t talk about dying. That’s because it typically causes more harm than good. I’m all about empowering people, not making them dread the coming days.

    I’ll only go so far into the future. If I talk about things years and years down the line, people don’t know what to do with that info. They will spin their wheels until they fall off trying to make things happen. The truth is, things need to happen naturally. 

    Boundaries are something every psychic/intuitive/medium should have. I’m not into playing God and stepping on his toes. I’m constantly reminded of that every time I read someone. My guides really drive that home with me.