On Air with CBS Sports Radio

I got a chance recently to go on CBS Sports Radio. I was so honored to be joining Gio and Jones in the morning, and as expected (I’m a psychic right?) this was definitely a challenge for me. Here’s a recap:

    Men are the hardest to get to open up because they’re naturally skeptical of any kind of “therapy.” That means I have walls and guards to get past. I always read them to myself first before I talk to them to figure out how to loosen them up. Humor is one of my best weapons, and I am always direct (and not coming from a touchy feely place). The best way to start a reading is to go with something very personal about the person that no one else knows. That lowers the defenses just enough for me to jump through.

    The hits I was getting during my stint on CBS Sports Radio were very personal to each of the hosts. That presents a challenge for me on air. I did not feel comfortable sharing the information publicly, without the hosts’ permission. So when there was a commercial break, I totally went in on them and let them know what was coming through. That’s what the audience didn’t know. People I read don’t realize the intimacy of the messages until they are with me, and then it’s like, “Oh wow, I had no idea you would get that.”

    Music in my ear during a session is something I can’t help but be distracted by. Naturally—I’m a Taurus! I automatically start feeling the music and it’s all over, I can’t hear anything else. So a reminder to self: no music during any on-air readings. Especially the creepy sci-fi kind. 

    There’s a lot going on in a reading. I’m still new to on-air readings, but I know this much: anything can happen. There are times when I’m hearing different spirits trying to connect to everyone in the room. For me, trying to figure out who’s who among those spirits can be challenging, to say the least. Rather than talking through the confusion, sometimes I’m trying so hard to figure it out I go silent. I have to remember that when that happens, the audience has no idea what’s going on. I’m working on mastering that and keeping the conversational flow going throughout.