Be Your Own Hero

My views and opinions are not for everyone. I am fully aware of that and do my absolute best not to offend. But occasionally there are those times where no matter how hard I try, I cannot please everyone. I post what I feel are uplifting and motivational quotes. I have had my fair share of heartache, pain, suffering and betrayal from all walks of life including family. Did it hurt? Absolutely! Did I sit on my pity pot for a while? Absolutely! I did what I felt I had to do to fully mourn the situation and understand it, so that I can learn and grow from it. Not forget it, but learn and grow from it! The one thing I did not allow was to let it consume me and or take my power from me. That is something I just could not give in to! I understand that some people are naturally stronger and more willful than others. And that it takes some people longer to heal from things. With that being said, that is no excuse for anyone to allow themselves to "play the victim" or allow their attacker the right to take their personal power and life from them. I don't believe anyone is the product of their environment. If that were the case some of the most influential people on this planet wouldn't be who and what they are today. They are the example and confirmation that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that no matter how difficult of a situation you are going through, YOU have the power to pick yourself up from it. You have to realize your strength and who YOU are. And if you need help, reach out. Reach out to someone who can help guide or support you. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. So long as you don't allow yourself to become dependent on them. You are stronger than you realize. YOU have to allow yourself the opportunity to find that strength. You are what matters! Don't ever forget that!


2017… A New Year, A New You.

Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017! With all the shit, we went through this last year a new beginning is definitely welcome. 

Make this the year YOU start making YOU a priority. Learning how to stand on your own two feet without depending on someone or something to make you happy. Letting go of all that no longer suits you. Sometimes this includes people. And that’s ok! You are the most important person in your life and reclaiming your “personal power” is going to be the highlight of 2017. A year of clarity and self-realization. 

I get asked all the time "How do I sharpen my own intuition; how do I get in touch with my inner self?" You start by slowly listening to that little voice inside of you. By doing so, you increase your awareness and sensitivity to it. With that being said, you have to be willing to face reality. Even the bad shit. Its fear that forces you to stay where you’re at. Your unwillingness to let go of fear and insecurity inhibits the necessary changes you need in order to evolve and grow. Its time to face your fears! Remove anything or anyone that is hindering you from living the life you truly want to live. This is absolutely crucial in your personal evolution. The freedom and clarity you gain is invaluable. 

Mastering the ability to tap into your intuition allows you to become the source of your own happiness. After all, who knows you better than you? So what if you fall a couple of times?  Practice makes perfect. And that’s the goal, to become the perfect you! 

Make 2017 the year you reclaim your power.

Best wishes for all in 2017.


My Confessional (Pt. 1)…

Wow… what a crazy couple of months! I’ve been so busy and all over the place, I haven’t had a real moment to myself it seems like in forever. Traveling is great, but there’s nothing like the comfort of your own bed and home.

So many people have come in and out of my life over the last few months it’s been pretty amazing. I never take for granted the opportunity of meeting new people. There is always a lesson to be learned. Some are great and others can be a bit challenging. Nevertheless, it’s all about opportunity and evolution.  

Over the last few days, I’ve been reflecting on myself and my journey and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. I know that may sound a bit conceited, but I have truly learned a lot about myself and my strength. It’s not easy being Psychic sometimes… In fact, it can be downright exhausting and depressing. Especially when it comes to learning boundaries and or lessons through people that remind you of what not to go back to or stand for. Because I am Psychic, I tend to stick around situations longer than I need to. I get stuck thinking I can help everyone, truth is, you can’t. Some people are really blinded by their own illusion of themselves that they can’t see past their own pride and ego. Ever hear of the phrase, “you can lead a horse to water”?  With that being said, the only thing I can do is deliver the message and move on.

In any other situation, I wouldn’t put up with half the shit that I do now. I mean I’m just not built that way. But it’s all about the lesson with me. The lesson of the person and situation. As I continue to go through these lessons and changes, I will do my best to share them with you. I’m hoping to do a lot more writing and documenting of my journey.


The Power of Technology (Even for a Psychic)

This weekend I was hard at work updating my social sites, writing blog posts and doing something I really hate: having new photos taken (yuck!). It’s painful! We all go through our struggles (mine are longer than Wikipedia), and one of the smaller ones I’m working to get over is my own self-image. I’ve always said that this job isn't about me, it’s about helping others. But my mentor is teaching me the importance and absolute necessity of social media, an updated website and the power of presentation. I am no different than anyone else when it comes to feeling self-conscious. It is painful for me to watch my work, whether I’m seeing myself on television, in photos or hearing myself on the radio. This is something that I’m working hard to overcome. 

I am very blessed to have been introduced to some of the best people to work with in the industry. Thankfully, that helps make it at least a little less awkward. The truth is, my journey through the media world is actually helping me overcome some of my fears and anxieties. Every day brings a new lesson for me. And I’m so thankful that I’m able to help others while helping myself come to terms with things that I’ve struggled with since I was a kid. I love helping people work through their struggles. I hope you’ll have patience with me as I work through my own.

Go Ahead, Tell Me Anything!

“Go ahead, tell me anything!” I love it when a client says that, and then I bring up deep dark secrets, and they’re like, “Wait, anything but that!” My readings are not like the advertised $10 palm readings. They can be very intense, to say the least. I will always spend at least a minute with a celebrity or on-air personality telling them what I’m getting to ensure that it’s safe to speak about publicly. That is a must. But before you tell a psychic, “Tell me anything,” think hard about it!

My Own Ethical Code

In my previous post I talked about my own boundaries as a Psychic. While there is no moral code written in stone for those with a gift, I think it is innate to separate good from bad. Another part of my own ethical code: I won’t share something that could jeopardize someone’s job or life. While this may not come up in a one-on-one session, it’s something I have to think about during on-air readings, when a huge audience (including a number of bosses) is listening. I have the potential to hurt someone’s livelihood if I’m not careful. So I try hard to make sure any on-air personality I am reading knows this is extremely important. “Do no harm” drives my readings. Im here to help you help you.

Boundaries (and Where I Will Not Venture)

Every Psychic should have limitations on what they will and will not share. Here are some of my boundaries:

    I will not discuss death. Just as doctors have an ethical code, so do I. And part of that is I won’t talk about dying. That’s because it typically causes more harm than good. I’m all about empowering people, not making them dread the coming days.

    I’ll only go so far into the future. If I talk about things years and years down the line, people don’t know what to do with that info. They will spin their wheels until they fall off trying to make things happen. The truth is, things need to happen naturally. 

    Boundaries are something every psychic/intuitive/medium should have. I’m not into playing God and stepping on his toes. I’m constantly reminded of that every time I read someone. My guides really drive that home with me. 

On Air with CBS Sports Radio

I got a chance recently to go on CBS Sports Radio. I was so honored to be joining Gio and Jones in the morning, and as expected (I’m a psychic right?) this was definitely a challenge for me. Here’s a recap:

    Men are the hardest to get to open up because they’re naturally skeptical of any kind of “therapy.” That means I have walls and guards to get past. I always read them to myself first before I talk to them to figure out how to loosen them up. Humor is one of my best weapons, and I am always direct (and not coming from a touchy feely place). The best way to start a reading is to go with something very personal about the person that no one else knows. That lowers the defenses just enough for me to jump through.

    The hits I was getting during my stint on CBS Sports Radio were very personal to each of the hosts. That presents a challenge for me on air. I did not feel comfortable sharing the information publicly, without the hosts’ permission. So when there was a commercial break, I totally went in on them and let them know what was coming through. That’s what the audience didn’t know. People I read don’t realize the intimacy of the messages until they are with me, and then it’s like, “Oh wow, I had no idea you would get that.”

    Music in my ear during a session is something I can’t help but be distracted by. Naturally—I’m a Taurus! I automatically start feeling the music and it’s all over, I can’t hear anything else. So a reminder to self: no music during any on-air readings. Especially the creepy sci-fi kind. 

    There’s a lot going on in a reading. I’m still new to on-air readings, but I know this much: anything can happen. There are times when I’m hearing different spirits trying to connect to everyone in the room. For me, trying to figure out who’s who among those spirits can be challenging, to say the least. Rather than talking through the confusion, sometimes I’m trying so hard to figure it out I go silent. I have to remember that when that happens, the audience has no idea what’s going on. I’m working on mastering that and keeping the conversational flow going throughout.