Moon Me Podcast with Dana Moon

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Dana pops her psychic cherry! You don’t want to miss this amazing metaphysical episode with Psychic Chris Medina. He is hilarious and insightful AND HONEST one of the most accurate psychics working today.

They discuss everything from Dana’s accurate reading last August to how everyone is intuitive and slightly psychic, why Chris hates the word empath, fake psychics and fake LA spiritual people WE HATE THEM!

Dana’s recent drug trip when she took frog poison in Malibu (Kambo), envisioning and creating your best self through self hypnosis, dream interpretations, how to release the fear of dying, ghosts, William Cooper, ARE ALIENS REAL? 9/11 conspiracy theories, incest, LETTING GO AND SURROUNDING TO LIFE, how Dana thinks her dads death was correlated with 9/11 AND SO MUCH MORE OMG THIS EPISODE IS A MUST LISTEN!!!

Listen to this hilarious episode here! 

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